Services Offered

Full Range of Special Master Services

Complex Settlements can provide the full range of special master services, including: working with parties and the court to design dispute resolutions processes; deciding claims; managing communications with class members, the press, and regulatory agencies; and assisting the parties in moving to resolution of the litigation.

Management of Claims Administration Contract

Settlements and awards involving claims processing and relief distribution generally require the services of a class action administration firm to mail forms, staff phone lines, enter and report data, and issue checks and tax forms. Complex Settlements can enhance the effectiveness of the class action administration firm by providing the following services:

  • Assistance in database design to ensure easy access to reports that will be needed for counsel and the court.
  • Conduct quality control audits regarding phone assistance, processing of paperwork, and data protocols.
  • Design operations processes so phone operators, claims processing, and data processing can respond quickly and effectively to changes in the law of the case.
  • Assess and manage billing to help contain costs.
  • Provide team leadership to help account managers, phone operators, and other team members at class action firm have the understanding and motivation they need to their best on the case.

Dispute Resolution and Claims Processing Services

Complex Settlements can provide services including:

  • Design claims processes
  • Conduct hearings
  • Analyze claims submissions
  • Issue written decisions

Design Settlement Documents

Once the parties have reached agreement about how to settle a case (or when one counsel team is ready to draft a proposed order), questions arise about how to describe a claims system or relief distribution system. This is truly an undertaking in which the devil is in the details.

Complex Settlements can assist in the design of that aspect of the settlement or proposed order document to help ensure that the claims system will meet its goals.

Mediation Services

Complex Settlements can provide mediation services to help settle issues that arise in the implementation of complex cases.

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